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Extreme Longboarding Ford One Tank Adventure Videos

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Longboard kids à Tahiti | Ride Of The Week Ep 4

Longskate crew from Tahiti tearing up lines on their Island Paradise! Depuis longtemps (J.J Briquet Globe Tahiti) a senti l’engouement des skaters Tahitien pour la vitesse. La scène longsk8 Tahitienne devient peu à peu aussi nombreuse que la scène street et le niveaux ne cesse de grimper. Après avoir entraîné toute une génération de streeters […]

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2nd Visayan Longboarding Trilogy 1st Leg

The 1st leg of the 2nd Visayan Longboarding Trilogy held at the summer capital of Negros Occidental, Don Salvador Benedicto. Together with Adam Colton, Longboarders from different parts of the Philippines and from other countries gathered here for a celebration of speed, camaraderie and stoke. Wet race and free riding is the best part of […]

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Surviving Danger Bay 11 Longboard Race – Landyachtz Longboards

The longest running downhill race in North America had it’s 11th year. Here are all the highlights plus some tips on how to properly experience the weekend. Music: « Blue Pills and Whiskey » by Campagin www.itlikestoparty.com « Insurrection Generations » by Battle Flask www.battleflask.com

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RuedaLoco PoP Trip Dic 2012 Longboarding Dominican Republic

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downhill longboarding Byron Bay Australia

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Longboarding: Claremont Canyon

First timers down claremont

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Whistler Longboard Festival World Cup Downhill Open 2013 Final

Full course coverage if the 2013 Whistler Longboard Festival World Cup Race Open Finals presented by Arbor Skateboards. 1 Jimmy Riha 2 James Kelly 3 Kevin Reimer 4 Nicolas Desmarais 5 Dillon Stephens 6 Ricardo Reis 7 Byron Essert 8 Brendan Davidson 9 Riley Harris 10 Chadwick Gibson 11 Jackson Shapiera 12 Max Ballesteros Huge […]

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Longboarding: 2016 Mt Ruapehu Race

My coverage of the qualifying and racing finals from the 2016 IDF World Qualifying race at Mt Ruapehu this year. Unfortunately I was still injured for this event, so I filmed from the sidelines instead of in the race. Song: Varien & Mr FijiWiji – We Are The Lights I’m a team rider for Hillside […]

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Jessica Soho Segment about Longboarding. It’s more fun in the Philippines

Adrenaline Rush. Jesicca Soho on GMA News. January 14, 2012 Saturday. courtesy of Jessica Soho GMA News TV

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