Flowgrind International Skateboarding Contest 2016

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Flowgrind Nova Gorica, May 12 – 15, 2016
Flowgrind #3 was another successful international skateboarding event, despite the moody spring weather. Some skaters arrived on Thursday, heavy hitting tricks went down, it set the tone for the weekend.

Due to a bad weather on Friday, some went to the skatepark under the bridge in Gorizia, some hit the casino Perla, some chilled at the local burger joint Pionircek. In the night hours, club Mostovna was going off. When you have a bunch of skaters together, it can get just get weird. Fun times!

On Saturday, skaters pored in for qualifications, the sun was out, and the park was jam packed with tricks dropping left and right. On Sunday the rest of the qualifications and the finals happened. After the finals it was time for the Best Trick massacre. Flowgrind 2016 is a wrap, we’ll see you guys next year.

Skaters in the montage: Maxim Kruglov, Douwe Macare, Christopher Khan, Jonathan Jean-Philippe, Joan Galceran Montoro, Zander Gabriel, Alex DeCunha, Asia Lanzi, Maxim Habanec, Lenni Pfeiffer, Massimo Cristofoletti, Marti Atanasov, Marcel Rieger, Alexandre Massotti, Timotej Lampe Ignjic, Marten Maxwell, Santino Exenberger, Karel Raichl, Fabio Colombo, Adam Keats, Fabio Montagner, Antonio Pekovic, Tomas Vintr, Kechaud Johnson, Egor Kaldikov and Julia Brueckler.


Sponsored Category:
1. Max Kruglov
2. Douwe Macare
3. Ke’Chaud Johnson
4. Maxim Habanec
5. Egor Kaldikov
6. Tomas Vintr
7. Fabio Montagner
8. Zander Gabriel
9. Timotej Lampe Ignjic
10. Alex Decunha
11. Fabio Colombo
12. Santino Exenberger
13. Joan Galceran
14. Antonio Pekovic

1. Julia Brueckler
2. Asia Lanzi
3. Talja Susec

Non-Sponsored Category:
1. Marti Atanasov
2. Massimo Cristofoletti
3. Luka Bozic
4. Rene Torkar
5. Antonio Bagaric
6. Zan Hamrscek

Best Trick:
Jonathan Jean-Philippe

Title sponsors:
Casino Perla, Monster Energy, Telemach and Triglav.

Contributing sponsors:
Sugar, Ziggi, GEN-I, Obsession, Jessup, Concrete
Skateparks, Dakine, BTC City, Pro-Concrete, Pionircek, Fingerbear, AGM, T-NET, Kate, A-Media, WBLCH Action Infection, Sk8ajssrcem, GO Skatepark and City of Nova Gorica.

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