Orangatang Wheels | A Day in Vancouver

Publié le 18 novembre 2015 par LoadedAmbassadors LoadedAmbassadors

The Orangatang Ambassadors in Vancouver gather for a day full of shredding their local terrain.

Camilo – Loaded Overland, Aera Trucks, Orangatang Experimental Wheels
Miguel – Loaded Overland, Rey Trucks, Orangatang Experimental Wheels
Griffin – Loaded Tesseract, Paris Trucks, Orangatang 83a Keanus
Sho – Valhalla Street Deck, Paris Street Trucks, Orangatang Experimental Wheels
Anthony – Original DK Arbiter, Paris Trucks, Orangatang 83a Keanus
Ken – Loaded Cantellated Tesseract, Paris Trucks, Orangatang 86a Fat Frees
Alex – Rayne Mike Fitter ProModel, Skoa Trucks, Orangatang 86a Fat Frees

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