Punk Rock-Ska Night at OC Ramps with Dave Bachinsky, Micky Papa, and More!

Publié le 26 juillet 2016 par Rider Edit

Three bands, a taco dude, energy drinks, cash,and skateboarding all packed into one rad evening. $700 cash was available for a 3 obstacle competition via « cash for tricks. » The 12′ long Butter Bench, the 5′ tall mini ramp and 16′ long round rail. $5’s were offered for basic tricks, $10’s for a little better and $20’s if you really ‘wowed’ the judges. The night was full of incredible punk rock-ska talent by Eve of Destruction, Hay Stroker and No Questions Asked. Event sponsored by Dekult, hosted by OC Ramps.

Music by:
Eve of Destruction
« The Devil’s Death »

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